Clonakilty Rugby Club has a core principle of actively supporting and developing our coaches and referees to the highest degree possible. The Club has over 80 accredited Under-Age coaches, and integrates coaching development with the coaching programmes run by the Munster Branch and the IRFU.

Coaching Development

Coaching Development and accreditation is overseen by the Club Director of Rugby and the Coaching Development Officer. The aim is to have at least 3 accredited Coaches working with each of the Club’s 15 Under-Age Teams.

Club Coaches operate to an overarching rugby philosophy and training and tactical framework which governs all levels within the Club, Adult and Under -Age, which unifies all levels and teams style of development and directly supports players in their personal and physical development as they advance through the age-group teams. This means for example that players graduating from the Under-18 level to the Adult teams have a relatively seamless progression, being very conversant with the Club’s rugby style and training systems.

Club Coaches are directly supported by an (access restricted), Coaching Section on the Club Website, containing a Coaches Discussion Forum, Rule Changes Notices Areas, a Training and Technique Development Video Clip Channel, and other support resources.

The Club’s Director of Rugby is: Neville Burton – 087 426 9296