Club Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Our mission in Clonakilty RFC is to promote, foster and develop the game of rugby in Clonakilty and its surrounding communities. To encourage participation in the game from all of society, irrespective of ability. We will continue to build on our core values of inclusiveness, respect and FUN FOR ALL.

To achieve this we will endeavour to provide “best in class” coaching in line with the IRFU standards whilst continually improving appropriate sports facilities, in an environment which all members get equal playing time, in a safe and caring environment.

Clonakilty RFC is an increasingly diverse club that is ambitious in terms of growing player and coaching numbers, with an ultimate view to having a strong fully home-grown adult section. A club that is joined-up from top to bottom, on and off the pitch. A club that is competitive and SUCCESSFUL.

We have eight central values which guide everything we do in our club:

Club Values

Winning is great. But it is not everything. Being part of a team and a club helps to create a sense of purpose and maintains a child’s self-esteem.

Our aim is to get the kids to be passionate about their involvement in the club – be it a rugby game or team event for fund raising or helping out at the club itself. We want them to be passionate about being a Clonakilty RFC member!

In Clonakilty RFC we are committed to the team ethos.

Individuals cannot succeed in Rugby without the support of their teammates.

We foster the importance of team and teach the kids to rely on their teammates and to support their teammates and club when needed.

We will always act with integrity. We have over 80 volunteer underage coaches who willingly give their time to provide our underage members the best rugby experience possible.
Our coaches are garda vetted and are trained in government and IRFU safety protocols.
Most importantly, our coaches are here to pass on a love of rugby and ensure our kids have fun while learning the game.

Discipline is an integral part of the game of Rugby, and is what makes it so special. All members of Clonakilty RFC are coached to understand and respect the laws of the game and the officials who administer it.

We aim to ensure that each child can enjoy rugby in a safe and fun environment where all involved in the club are treated with dignity and respect.

To this end, we do not tolerate any bullying or bad language.

We ask all parents and spectators to positively support the players from the sideline, and to please respect the officials & coaches, all of whom are volunteers.

Sport must be a place where children feel valued and included.

At Clonakilty RFC we give equal game time to all mini’s players to ensure that all kids get an equal chance to develop their skills at a pace that is appropriate to them.
Development of the individual is more important than winning the game.

Clonakilty RFC is an Autism friendly club where all kids are welcome and treated with respect & dignity.

Our players come from Clonakilty and all surrounding districts giving our players a wide circle of friends.
Friendships made on a rugby pitch are friendships for life!!

And Most Importantly……FUN

Sport should and does make children happy.

This is our underlying aim. For the kids to learn and get fit, but mostly – to HAVE FUN!