Boys U11

About the team

The U10’s coaching strategy for the year ahead builds on the plan from the previous seasons and is part of a long-term development programme for this group of players
Our aims for the season ahead for the CRFC U10’s
To maintain the rugby basics: running, evasion, catching, passing, offloading, tracking, advancing on, tackling an opponent safely and exploiting space to score tries.
Attitudes – maintain the enjoyment of the game and the rugby values (Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship), ultimately ‘let kids be kids’ playing the game for the fun of being with their friends and doing something they enjoy.
Inclusive – all players will have equal opportunities to play
Introduce the players to 3 man non contested scrums, rucks, and mauls safely.
Develop individual and team knowledge, skills, and rugby experience, overall we want the players to enjoy the game and be safe.

Blitz Fixtures

Our Coaches

Head Coach
Barry McAdams
087 683 8683

Team Manager
Frank Ryan
086 106 8348

Kevin O’Regan

Kevin Sutton

Conor Quirke

Diarmuid O’Sullivan

John Twomey

Paul Baker

Training Times

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